Residential Services

There's almost nothing we don't do to make  your Odessa home better than the average home.  Our skilled and experienced team is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions, exceptional service and uncompromising craftsmanship.

To give you a better idea of how we do things differently to make your home unique, we've put together a list of 37 Extra Things.  And while each item may not be profoundly significant unto itself, when you add up all the things we do, you'll understand why your home isn't like all the others...and why Odessa insn't like all the other builders. 

Residential Construction

Whether you are planning to custom build your new home or an entire residential development, our knowlegeable and experienced team will take  your project from concept to completion.  Our attention to detail and superior service, along with our commitment to honesty and transparency, gives our clients confidence that their project will be carefully managed and finished on time withing budget.

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Residential Renovations

Whether you are looking to improve the look, functionality, convenience, or value of your residential property, our experienced team will provide detailed management, expert craftsmanship, and transparent communication.  We take pride in making our customers happy and exceeding their expectations!

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Residential Expansion

Looking to create a little more space?  Starting with your needs and ideas, our knowlegeable team will work with architects, engineers, anmd skilled trades to deliver the right design, in the right time frame, and within the right budget.  We don't stop at the plan and the structure; we ensure that every last finishing detail compliments the design enhancements so that your home reflects you and your specific lifestyle.

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