Energy Star

Enjoy better indoor living

Living in a home built with features to improve comfort and your life indoors is what we all look for when we are going to purchase a new home. An ENERGY STAR certified home delivers just this, a home that you want to live in and enjoy. How so?
Homes that have been certified with the blue ENERGY STAR symbol are generally more air-sealed than a typical new home and this helps to reduce drafts and cold spots which will make you and your family more comfortable. It also helps to reduce dust, pollen, and pests from getting inside.
Typical features such as energy-efficient windows and higher insulation levels also help to improve the overall comfort of the home and aid in creating more balanced temperatures. This is beneficial during hot and cold seasons when you want your home to be at a temperature you find more comfortable than what it is like outdoors.
Picture yourself inside your new home. It is quiet and calm. As you inhale deeply then exhale to relax after a long day at work, the indoor air is refreshing. There is a device installed in your home just for this, exchanging the indoor stale air with outdoor filtered air.

Save energy

When built to the latest standard, an ENERGY STAR certified home is built to be about 20% more energy efficient than a typical home. Every year, an ENERGY STAR certified home saves the same amount of energy as watching 17 hockey seasons on TV or running a refrigerator for 10 years. Imagine all of the energy being saved and used conscientiously if every home on your street was certified as ENERGY STAR.
Why is energy conservation important? Today, 17 percent of the energy consumed in Canada is used to operate our homes. By saving energy, we can help protect the environment